Hang Up! And Other Terms from Technologies Past


Pay Phones on a Wall

In the era of VoIP phone service, the idea of adding a phone line seems dated. You’re no longer connecting a wired cable; you’re adding a virtual software service.

Technology changes quickly but terminology tends to lag before slowly fading away. Even though we’ve used touch-tone phones for decades, we still talk about dialing a number. I hang up to end a call, even though I’m really just tossing my phone into my purse. And really, why when your phone lights up with the theme song from Mission Impossible, do we say it’s ringing? We use telephony terms long after they are accurate.

Mental Floss recently published a list of 15 technology expressions that your children and grandchildren may not quite grasp, because their meaning is so dated. It’s fun, and well worth reading.

Have you recently “carbon copied” someone on an email, or “turned” your tablet on or off? What terms do you still use that might be considered passé?



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