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global numberGlobal marketing in the 21st century relies on a number of methods. Email is still a top tool while social networks and collaboration tools have combined to make things much easier, but many times nothing beats actually talking to your customer.

No matter your telephone service provider, you can always expect your U.S.-based customers to be able to reach you. For international callers, however, it can be a different story. High international rates and confusing dialing processes might keep potential customers from dialing in. Even worse, if you have existing global customers they might think twice before placing an expensive international call.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With an extensive list of global numbers available to add to your account, you could be fielding calls like this right from your office desk, your couch or even the beach:
“Hello, how can I help you?”

“Bonjour, comment puis-je vous aider?”

“Sveiki, kā es varu jums palīdzēt?”

“¿Hola, como puedo ayudarte?”

With Phone.com, it’s a simple process to add as many global numbers as you need through your control panel. You can add international numbers just as easy as local numbers with prices starting at $4.99/month for most countries.

Global numbers can be forwarded to your Phone.com account and calls are charged as a local call in that country. There are no extra international minute rates or fees for the global number service. Your global numbers, extensions and call handling are administered directly from Phone.com’s intuitive web interface, the same interface you use for your local numbers.

Once you’ve selected and successfully added the number to your account, begin publicizing the number through your marketing channels to a targeted international audience and build a funnel for the global market to come to you. Consider an email campaign or other tools to grow your business intelligently.

Phone.com makes it easy for you to go from missed opportunities to “Olá, como posso ajudá-lo?” in a matter of minutes.


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