Engage Callers with Music and On-Hold Messaging


“Thank you for calling, can I put you on hold?”

No matter who you call, at some point you’ve heard the line above, assuming a human even answers the phone in the first place.

As a business that depends on telephone-based support, placing a customer on hold comes with certain risks. Some of your customers will wait indefinitely and some will hang up immediately, but the vast majority of your callers will fall somewhere in between those two extremes.

For those callers who will wait, what’s the best way to keep them engaged? Well, we know it’s not muzak. The tinkling piano covers of the greatest soft rock hits of the 70s and 80s are sure to drive your customers mad, if not away all together. That’s why we give you options to match your clientele’s taste.

From free offerings like film soundtracks and upbeat rock to premium offerings like jazz greats, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley and more, we’ve got the right music for your on hold needs.

So let’s say your music choice is working and your callers are hanging on. What else can you do? An on-hold message is the second part of a successful caller hold strategy. As long as you’ve got a captive audience, it’s a good idea to get your message out there.

Phone.com offers pro recording services with script consultation, voice talent, licensed music, studio production and ongoing support. Why not give your business a professional voice and create an effective audio brand for your company? We have male and female voices ranging from young and vibrant to mature and sophisticated in a variety of languages including English, French and Spanish.

You select a voice, write a script that keeps the callers engaged and informed then pick your background music. We record, mix and deliver the final message within three business days in most cases.

Voices are also available for website audio, virtual greeting cards, online and recorded presentations, voicemail messages, overhead announcements and more.

To learn more about our audio recording offerings, click here.



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