Customer Story: Prime Electric Inc. Proudly Returns To

While we never enjoy losing a customer to our competition, it happens from time to time.  In this case, Ben Borenstein of Prime Electric Inc is a customer that I had spent a great deal of time with over the years.  Much to my delight, he recently called to say he was returning to

As Ben and I worked to restore his account, we spoke about some of the reasons he chose to return.  He was so kind to share in detail why he selected us over our competition.

Customer Service
Ben states that “ has one of (if not) the best technical support/customer service departments I have seen.”  He cites the 24-hour, US-based customer service as a major differentiator from our competition.

In addition to being available, we care about our customers.  Once when Ben had an issue, he received a call from CTO Alon Cohen, who promptly addressed all of the issues he was experiencing.   When he calls customer service, he notes “I am always treated professionally and given premier service regardless of how much I pay in comparison to other customers.”

Ben has found our service to be extremely reliable.  He particularly loves the fact that has its own network.  He states “I got to experience other companies who use other networks to deliver services and they act as the middle men.”  He goes on to say he believes that “having a platform which is built in-house allows for faster upgrades and a quicker resolution when problems arise.”

Customizable Features
The ability to tailor the service to meet the needs of his company is critical.  Ben values the ability to customize his setup and relies heavily on many of our features such as Voicemail Transcriptions, SMS, In-Call Features, Call Queues and the ability to update Caller ID.

He also points out the fact that these features are available for him to use at no extra charge.  Other important features such as Caller Analytics and Voicemail Transcriptions are also available for a very minimal charge.  He says “most Business VoIP providers do not even offer such services and the ones that do are not nearly as in-depth.  I really enjoy having the ability to have a choice.”

No Contracts
According to Ben, other companies required him to sign a contract before he could receive special pricing.  When he approached, he told us his budget and we found a plan to meet his needs.  We even honored that pricing when he left and came back.

International Numbers has a wide variety of international numbers, making it easy for Ben’s friends and family to call him from overseas.

As Ben and I talked, we also came up with a list of features and improvements that would help take to the next level.  Without going into detail, we are hard at work to improve our service and always appreciate customers who care enough to share their feedback with us.  In the meantime, we are thrilled at the opportunity to serve Prime Electric Inc.


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