Why Your Company Needs a Custom Vanity Number

customer dialing custom vanity number

How many times have you needed customer support and couldn’t for the life of you find a company number?

Or are you just frustrated and exhausted by the constant ping of a chatbot that can’t really solve your problem? You’re not alone.

There is still a big contingent of consumers who want to talk to a real human. And if you’re a small business that offers a service, you need to be available to help if the going gets tough.

For some customers, solving problems online or through messenger apps simply isn’t enough.

So if you’re a new startup, an emerging business, or an established company looking for a refresh, you’d be wise to jazz up your phone number.

A custom vanity toll free number isn’t just an assurance that your customer base or potential new customers can reach a real person, it’s a fantastic marketing tool.

According to a study in Mountain Marketing Group, 90% of American say they use toll free numbers. Even further, an ad featuring a custom vanity number had a response rate of 30% or better.

Our recall is greater, generally speaking, with visual cues. Our sensory cortex is, after all, mostly devoted to vision. That’s why you can recite probably five companies that have clever custom numbers. Go ahead, try it.

Mountain Marketing Group found that “Vanity 800 numbers improve consumer recall rates in visual aids by up to 84% and yield a recall rate nine times higher than recall in broadcast ads versus numeric toll free numbers.” That, coupled with people’s need for human connection in problem solving is a win-win for companies.

Not only does a cool custom vanity number increase your chances of sticking in a customer’s memory, it instantly gives your company a big-business feel. It elevates your status in a customer’s eyes and that professionalism translates directly into lead generation, customer retention, and company growth.

Thanks to the internet, there are a multitude of places to purchase a custom vanity number. The good news is that Phone.com has been voted by FitSmallBusiness.com as the best overall company in 2018 that offers custom vanity numbers. We also offer a huge selection of high-end local area code numbers. That, plus over 50 features, award-winning customer support and great prices for top-notch service speaks for itself.

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