App Overload and How to Avoid It

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It’s difficult to quantify how much businesses use different software and applications for everyday operations.

There are so many apps available for messaging, email, editing, social media, and an endless list of others that can be crucial for your small business.

But there comes a point of saturation, where the benefit, ubiquity, and convenience actually becomes detrimental.

Are you or your employees suffering from app overload? It’s very tempting to read that sentence in an infomercial voice, but app overload is actually real.

According to a new study from CITE Research, which surveyed more than 2,000 workers across the US, UK, and Australia, too many apps can cause confusion in the workplace.


69% were found to have squandered as much as 32 days(!) a year navigating between apps, which averages out to an hour of productivity lost per day.


The study, From Work Chaos to Zen: How Application Overload Redefines the Digital Workplace, explains that the biggest roadblocks lie with communication apps and channels. The average employee volleys between at least 4 different communication apps during the day, which can amount to having 4 different conversations at once. 20% of workers even said they had use as many as 6 or more.


56% of those surveyed reported that searching across multiple apps became disruptive to their workday, while 31% said it caused them to lose focus completely.


There are methods to combat it though: consolidate, compromise, and delete Candy Crush.


Delete might have been a bit harsh, so maybe just tone it down with the games…


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