AA-ISP Roundtable: A Discussion on Sales Metrics

The sales world has changed… what about your metrics? Join us for a fresh look at the metrics, KPI’s, and Sales Goals that matter most and drive results.

Over the past few years, sales leaders have questioned the need and importance of measuring the same traditional call metrics that have been around for decades.

Today, the unprecedented lockdown of COVID-19 and “work-from-home” sales motion has only accelerated the need to re-look at sales goals and activities, what we are measuring, and why.

Join our Vice President of Sales/Customer Success, Chris Basile,  for a roundtable will bring together experienced leaders for a collaborative conversation around what has changed, what metrics we are measuring (and why) while also brainstorming new ideas you can use in your own organization to effectively measure activity, productivity, and results.


August 20, 2:00 PM EST.



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