6 Awesome Benefits of Click-to-Call

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VoIP (voice over IP) is packed with high-tech perks. Many of them are designed to make your life easier. But just as many were created specifically to serve your customers. And one them is a magical little feature called Click-to-Call.

It works like this: your VoIP provider gives you a bit of code to embed on your website and voilà, a button appears that quickly connects customers to your business. The catch is that they enter their number and your business calls them. It’s kind of amazing.

From preventing callers getting stuck in a phone maze to just making their lives easier, here are six excellent—dare we say awesome—benefits of Click-to-Call.

You’ll grab customers while they’re actually paying attention.   

Studies show that the average human attention span is now eight seconds. That’s one second less than a goldfish. While this is great Jeopardy trivia (“I’ll take domesticated fish for $200, Alex!”), we’re telling you this to emphasize just how quickly you can lose your audience’s attention. If they’re interested in contacting your business, Click-to-Call gets them before you lose them.

It saves callers from getting stuck in a phone maze.

Press 4 for what? Press 9 to go back? More like press end to hang up! There are few things more annoying than getting caught in a phone menu maze. By calling your customers, Click-to-Call connects them with the right agent right away. It sure beats shouting “REPRESENTATIVE!” 10 times in a row. Not that we’ve done that. (Just kidding. We’ve totally done that.)

They may not call later.

No one ever calls later. Well, maybe some people. But very few of us. And your customers probably won’t either. Click-to-call stops your site’s visitors—including procrastinators (guilty as charged!)—from saying they’ll do it later. After all, if you can immediately call them, there’s really no reason to push it til later.

No one writes things down anymore.

Ok, your dad might. But he also pays with exact change. (“Hold on while I get two…more…pennies.”) We doubt your customers will write down your number. Click-to-Call saves them the trouble of digging for a pen and paper. We’re all digital natives now. We only write things down during power outages. And only after our phones die.

People still want to talk to a real, live person.

Hard to believe but totally true. Texting may be your M.O. these days , but phone calls still reign supreme in business.  When your customers have questions, it’s easier and faster to talk to a person to get answers. Click-to-Call gives them what they want with the press of a button.

It makes things easy.

Life is tough and everyday things can be annoying. Click-to-Call makes things easy for customers. And when you make things easy for people, they remember it. Chances are they’ll tell their friends and family—and you’ll happily reap the rewards.



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