5 Ways to Engage with Your Customers Online

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Small business owner engaging with customer

In the age of instant communication, it’s easier than ever to reach potential customers, current customers, and everyone else in between.

Whether it’s through a conversation on Facebook, an email with a disgruntled customer, or a tweet about your excellent service, it’s hard to overstate how important it is to engage with your customer base.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry—it’s easier than you think. Here are five simple ways to interact with your customers.


Be Active


This should go without saying, but we’re saying it anyway! Luckily there are many ways to do this nowadays. You have to push out a steady stream of quality content. Whether it’s an original post, video, news piece or otherwise, the more content your customers see the better.

Then you should talk to them. Literally. Who hasn’t been frustrated with a problem only to find there is nobody to talk to? With Facebook and Twitter, customers can contact you directly and you can fix any problems that arise quickly and easily. This attention to detail with customer service—especially one-to-one engagement—makes the connection to your customer much stronger.


At Phone.com, we use various methods to talk to our customers. Email is a great tool, but social media works wonders as well. We’re also fortunate to have a 24/7 call center where we can be available to support anyone at all times. And it’s because of those fine-tuned details and a great product that we have such good reviews!


Build a Community


Whether it’s through starting a membership service within your company or hosting webinars, or even having networking happy hours in your work space, you’ll be much more able to connect with potential customers in creative ways that go beyond a catchy email. We’re lucky in Newark to be a part of the wonderful co-working space at Launch Pad. Every single day we’re surrounded by entrepreneurs, startups, students, and more. To have a space that facilitates learning and connection is crucial for growth.


Giveaways, Incentives


Speaking of catchy emails…we love them! They’re a crucial marketing tool and way to collect data and feedback from your customers. Here at Phone.com, we use email surveys in a variety of ways. That said, everyone’s busy and it can sometimes be tough to get people to fill out a form if there’s no incentive to do so. That’s when coupon codes and giveaways come in handy.



Give Customers Company Cachet


Who doesn’t like to feel part of the team? This is a great opportunity to get your customers involved. Designing a new product? Looking for development feedback? Open yourself up to suggestions from your customer base. You’ll likely be surprised as to the talent level and creativity. But be warned, or else you end up with your $300 million research vessel with the name Boaty McBoatface.




This may seem like a strange piece of advice, but it’s more important than you think. With the analytics tools available today, we’re able to see how many likes a piece of content gets, what people are saying about your latest video, or even see how people are literally interacting with your website. It’d behoove you to spend some time monitoring the comment section to see what people are saying and feeling. This is especially important because it informs you of potential problems, and by addressing them quickly will (hopefully) prevent further ones on both a customer service and product standpoint.


How do you engage with your customers? Send us a note on Facebook and Twitter!

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