Why 62 Million Users Choose Video Meetings

Video meetings or conference calls, which is preferred? It is an age-old question that businesses are desperate to have answered. It is no secret that there has been a larger reliance on video conferencing solutions since the start of the pandemic. However, traditional solutions such as conference calling is still the go to option for some users looking to stay connected with each other remotely. 


Top business professionals want to work efficiently and supply not only their customers but their employees as well with solutions that are the best for their needs. This need coupled with the unexpected remote work enforced and fueled by the 2019 pandemic lead to an uptick in downloads of video meeting platforms. In March of 2020 alone there was a record breaking 62 million downloads in one week.  As seen via a study done by Zippia they predict a significant increase in remote workers even as the pandemic continues to slow down. We see the need for meeting solutions but which solution is preferred by the growing remote workforce? Reports show Video Meetings as a clear winner amongst professionals and we will go over their top reasons for choosing video meetings over conference calls.


Significant Increase in Productivity

Traditionally, to relay detailed messages you have to draft a lengthy email, then wait for  a reply. This often pushes projects back as many rely on that email response. Rather than sending emails , a quick video chat can get you back to moving in the right direction. 

Improved Meeting Structure

Ever missed a conference call because you put the wrong time in your calendar ? or worse you didn’t add it to your calendar at all. Video meeting solutions take the guesswork out of scheduling, as many of the provided features include the ability to schedule meetings in advance. Advance video meeting scheduling features also link to your calendar and send meeting invitations via email. These features were rated to be the most used and beneficial amongst teams that are spread out amongst different time zones.

Communication is Strengthened

Relaying information via email or phone call was the best option for remote teams at one point because they were the only options. Research studies have proved that humans require visual aids to receive, process and retain information. Therefore, when you have a meeting via video conferencing, your attendees will retain more information and comprehend it more effectively than they would if you held the meeting via audio or sent details via email.

Provides Consistent Meeting Records

Other sought after features amongst professionals are record keeping abilities for their meetings. Oftentimes meeting notes are scrawled along pieces of papers by various team meetings. These papers are often misplaced. The best video meeting solution for any business makes record keeping easy with audio/video recording, full meeting transcription, using AI as well as conference summaries & search.

Eases Anxiety

Contrary to popular belief that virtual meetings are impersonal, team members report feeling more connected to their colleagues during video conferences than they did via phone or even in person meetings. Being able to join a meeting from the comfort of your own home takes the anxiety out of meetings and provides a more natural environment most are more comfortable with. 

Saves Money

Post covid traveling costs have skyrocketed as so many seek a get away after being stuck in their homes. However, team meetings are crucial. With many teams being spread across different states and sometimes countries, company travel costs will be even higher than a leisurely getaway. Virtually meeting via video extinguishes that cost.

Improves Moral

Did you think that video meetings are just for work? Most do but companies are using their video meeting solutions in exciting ways. In lieu of company outings many opt for virtual happy hours or host game nights or paint and sips. 

Improved Attendance

Employers report a 90% increase in attendance since switching to virtual meetings. Being able to join virtually helps with life’s unforeseen issues such as flat tires that can keep you from getting to your meeting at the office.


Flexibility is the key word when thinking of video meetings. From the ability to be able to join a meeting from anywhere in the world. As well as features like screenshare, use a white board, and chatting internally with other members of the meeting provide all the tools needed for productive and engaging meetings.

Team Building

Did you think that video meetings are just for work? Most do but companies are using their video meeting solutions in exciting ways. In lieu of company outings many opt for virtual happy hours or host game nights or paint and sips. 



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