What Do You Need in a VOIP Phone Service?

As a small business owner, are you satisfied with your phone service? Wonder where to find the reliability you need or how to scale your phone system to serve your growing enterprise?

You’re not alone. A recent report from Software Advice, a Texas-based service that matches businesses with best-in-class software solutions, suggests that nearly 60 percent of companies currently looking to upgrade their phone systems are looking for a sophisticated VOIP service, one that is both reliable and scalable.

Top Reasons for Considering VOIP


The report highlights the top features, pain points and reasons that business owners are looking to VoIP.

What Do Smaller Businesses Need?

  • 77 percent are looking for a web-based, hosted PBX solution
  • Of the nearly 60 percent of respondents considering VoIP, one third were still using traditional landlines in their businesses
  • Only six percent of those who took the survey were IT specialists, which suggests that good technical support, easy setup, and service reliability will be key to buyers
  • 32 percent identified reliability and scalability as their top reasons for wanting to purchase a new VoIP system

Features were also key! Flexible voicemail options, caller ID, number portability and many others:

Top Requested Phone-Service Features


With a shift towards hosted, VOIP-based services, it becomes easier for small businesses to access sophisticated call, conferencing, voicemail and other services, using platforms that were once only available to larger enterprises. VOIP allows your five-person startup to function like an established player!

Getting the Whole Package

To wrap up, it’s clear that small businesses are making the shift from landline to VoIP solutions. Buyers are interested in solutions that are not only reliable, but can scale, allowing them to add users easily and economically as they grow. Also, small businesses may not have IT expertise in house, so they place great importance on easy setup, reliability and effective technical support.

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