Partners with the Tarkenton Companies

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Yes. Fran Tarkenton is a name known to almost anyone. He is a famous NFL Quarterback, former MVP and a member of the NFL Hall of Fame. But, Fran Tarkenton is about so much more than football.

A serial entrepreneur who started over 20 companies, his mission in the past 15 years or so is to help small business! What is a small business? To some $50 mm in revenue is small, to some under 100 employees is small. To Tarkenton (and to it is any company with between 1-10 employees. is very pleased to partner with the Tarkenton companies and bring our services to their customers and members and vice verse.

Tarkenton operates several online businesses that all serve the needs of entrepreneurs, sole proprietors and other small businesses. His latest business is as basic as can be: How to get just “One More Customer”. Something every business, especially a small business, struggles with every day (and night). For that Fran launched a new website called: One More Customer. Check out our CEOs chat with Fran as was posted on the OneMoreCustomer site.

some of Tarkenton’s other sites include GoSmallBiz , StarterSuccess and also TarkentonFinancial.

Together, and the Tarkenton Companies will look to help each others customers with more professional services that help grow small business/!

Below are two photos of Fran Tarkenton with’s Channel Partner Manager Joel Maloff and CEO Ari Rabban. The statue in the background is the 1965 Pro Bowl MVP trophy!


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