The Channel Partner Program (CPP) – Serving the Needs of Customers

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The Channel Partner Program (CPP) started in October 2010. The impetus was quite simple: customers saw a reliable, cost effective, and forward-thinking solution for their voice communications needs and wanted to sell it to their clients and customers!

Fast forward to today and the CPP has 360 members! These organizations represent to their customers or clients and earn a commission for the revenues generated for as long as the customer is active with This results in a recurring revenue stream for our partners!

In the initial stages of the program, it was expected that our successful CPP members would come from the traditional telephony or information systems areas. This could include companies that had been selling premises-based phone systems, acting as systems integrators, and serving as technical consultants. That turned out to be only partly true.

Two other categories of CPP members emerged. One was opposite of the technical people and included organizations that were involved in marketing and promotions. When working with clients, they discovered that offered a variety of benefits. At the very least, new companies could have a separate business phone number. They also could take advantage of’s mobile apps and other services. A tracking web address for their prospects enables them to use the CPP portal to see who had signed up for service.

The last category was perhaps the most unexpected. These are organizations wherein serves as an enabling technology. There are many companies that provide on-hold messaging services to businesses, medical professionals, franchises, law firms and so on. In the past, for those smaller locations without a sophisticated PBX system, a physical box was needed to hold the messages and play them at the correct times. With, those boxes are no longer needed. The on-hold messaging provider can access the customer’s portal and manage messages as needed. Everyone benefits from the easier access and integration. In addition to on-hold, there are other businesses that require communications and, in the past, had relied on Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS). Replacing some of those with a VoIP service can prove to be far less costly! CPP members provide a valuable service to their clients and customers. These partners understand offerings and act as the prime point of contact for those that they serve. CPP members have direct access to the support team and get priority assistance when needed. also values the input from our partners, as they are working directly with customers and can see features and functions that could be added or improved.

The Channel Partner Program is an integral part of our “Go to Market” strategy. If you or anyone you know might be interested in participating in our CPP, please visit our Partner  Program page.


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