New Mobile Communications Service Separates Business And Personal Identities

With millions of companies across the world still coming to terms with a massive, sudden transition to work-at-home environments, technologies to enable teleworking have been front and center. Many tech companies have reported significant increases in their cloud communications and collaboration solutions, which give workers access to the same communications tools they have at the office.

One of the challenges of remote and mobile workers is the BYOD trend – workers are using their personal mobile devices for business activities. For employees, that can be a disruption, especially when business calls come in during off hours. It can also be confusing when answering calls – people tend to answer business and personal calls differently. For businesses, it also creates an identity dilemma, as employees are using their personal numbers for business calls. and are solving these problems, while giving small businesses the ability to quickly and easily enable remote workers through a new mobile communications service. Phone by is a mobile communications service and app that provides a unique phone identity for business calls, completely separated from users’ personal mobile identities.

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