Meet Our Customers: AllProWebTools


AllProWebTools is an all-in-one-toolkit for small businesses to interact with customers. We spoke with AllProWebTools Founder Dave Kramer about the newly announced integration partnership between and AllProWebTools.


What can you tell us about the early days of AllProWebTools?


We started in 2009 to help small companies better organize their customer information. Large corporations dominate the business landscape by building powerful software that manages every aspect of smaller businesses. We thought, what if small business owners had access to the same data to grow their business? So we began building a CRM (Customer relationship management) platform that combined tools like email, time cards, internal messaging, sales pipeline management, and web hosting.


We quickly learned that listening to customers helped us develop our services. AllProWebTools had prepared our platform to better listen to these active customers, which enabled us to keep lines open while taking feedback on our service. We realized that, through partnerships with other like-minded companies, we can continue to develop our platform and maintain a leading edge product. Which brings us to our most recent collaboration.


Enter Tell us how you began working with the company.


Listening to our customers, we wanted to find a partner in the telecom space that would help us integrate call and SMS data. I had heard about‘s phenomenal service and attention to customers, so I spoke with Joel Maloff (SVP of Strategic Alliances and Chief Compliance Officer) and became an Agent for our mutual success.


We quickly identified three areas that could assist our clients who wanted to talk to their customers more effectively. First, we’ve seen SMS become a critical part of small businesses due to their incredible engagement. 90% of people read texts within 3 seconds of receiving and messages get a 98% open rate. Our customers can use flash coupons via text, which are used 10 times more than other methods. Second, we also use phone call data with caller ID to capture customer interaction in our platform. Third, we’ve built click to call links within AllProWebTools’ platform for our customers to easily initiate telephone calls. provides all of this and we developed the integration together. There was a lot of beta testing and we are happy to report the integration is now live and available for our customers.   


That’s terrific; two companies are working together to help people talk to more customers.


You got it. absolutely made the integration simple and AllProWebTools is more powerful than ever. The two companies share the same principles of making great products by listening to customers, to communicate better. is the perfect partner for this.


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