GetVoIP and Joel Maloff: You Don’t Need an IT Person to Set Up Your VoIP

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Our SVP of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships Joel Maloff may have a fancy title, but behind the scenes, we simply call him Mr. Awesome.

You’ll get the joke if you watch this ten-minute clip of his discussion with GetVoIP’s Reuben Yonatan.

For those who only have a couple minutes to spare, we’ve summarized the key takeaways below. Joel has a way of capturing the simplicity and power of

Video Stop Points:

  • Did you know? With you get FREE conference calling. No need for a third-party service. (See 1:40)
  • Growth areas for the next 12 to 18 months: First, making strategic updates to our internal network infrastructure, and second, focusing on services and enhancements that benefit businesses needing five to 50 phone lines. (3:03)
  • What is best known for? To be honest? Our award-winning customer service! We offer U.S.-based chat, phone and web support, located on both the east and west coasts. And the leaders of our support team are well known and recognized in the industry. (4:50)
  • Pricing in a nutshell: Our basic plan starts at $9.99/month, which includes a set number of minutes and as many extensions as you need. We also offer individual extensions with unlimited minutes, starting at $23.99/month (less if you purchase multiple unlimited extensions). (5:36)
  • New features! In addition to toll-free vanity numbers, we now offer local vanity numbers—think (561) JMALOFF.  (6:45)
  • What do we want our customers to know? We want you to know that you are wanted. Yes, there is a phone company that wants to treat you well. Also, you don’t need an IT person to set up your VoIP phone service. First of all, it’s easy to do. And second, we do all the heavy lifting. In the words of Joel Maloff: Don’t be shy. Let us help!  (8:20)
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