5 Reasons You Should Consider a Virtual Business Phone System

Virtual phone system.

Virtual phone system.

Are you looking for a new phone system for your small business? Your entire staff is used to wearing multiple hats throughout the business day, and you need a phone service that can keep up.

Fortunately, modern technology has created what’s called a virtual business phone system, allowing your entire staff access to the system from their mobile phones.

This will give your company several benefits that you simply can’t afford to miss out on.  Consider all these benefits as you make your decision.

1. Increased Availability for Clients

As you’re continuing to grow your business, you must never miss a phone call. Every incoming call for your company is the potential for more revenue.

If your business phone system is limited to within your office walls, then something as small as the entire company going on lunch can force you to miss business opportunities.

However, with a virtual phone system, all of your staff will have access to the phone system at all times. They can receive calls from their clientele wherever they’re at, which will help boost your company’s customer service reputation.

Better yet, your sales team can stay logged into the phone queue and receive calls from new prospects while they’re out on their way to a face to face meeting.

2. Lowered Costs

If you’ve ever used a traditional phone system for your business, then you’re aware of how pricey things like phone hardware and network routers can be. Not to mention all of the fees that providers charge you for installation, additional phone lines, etc.

The virtual phone system eradicates a lot of those pricey fees. It can help you trim a significant amount off of your monthly phone budget, helping improve your small business’s cash flow.

A virtual phone system can be downloaded and used entirely from you and your staff’s personal phones. This will alleviate the need to purchase physical phones in your office.

Better yet, there’s a higher ROI with virtual phone systems because they can be accessed long after normal business hours. Your salaried workers can respond to your clients at any time of the day or night, which will build customer loyalty to your brand.

3. A Plethora of Solutions

One of the biggest reasons that many companies are making the switch to virtual phone systems is because of the amazing solutions they offer. Some of which you might not have realized you needed.

It gives you benefits such as minimizing the amount of hardware you need, streamlining communication, availability across all devices, and quick setup for new employees.

virtual phone system will also improve things such as video meetings with clients, conference calls with your staff, and responding to customers as soon as possible. Your company will improve its communications capabilities due to the system’s accessibility.

You’ll be able to use video conferencing, video chat, texting, and calling across almost any device that your employees have. The system works great with desktop, laptops, and mobile phones, offering the same easy-to-use interface for each.

4. Legitimizes Your Brand

Gone are the days of your phone system being confined within the walls of your physical office space. These days, virtual phone systems allow you to take calls whenever and wherever you are from your mobile phone.

That accessibility will help you improve your customer support, which will increase the professionalism of your brand. Customers flock to businesses that are highly responsive, and your virtual phone system will send them running straight to you.

Today’s workplace can be from almost anywhere. You might be answering customer calls from your kitchen, office chair, backyard, or even a beach somewhere. Your clients will never know the difference, thanks to your virtual phone system.

Today’s professional companies aren’t defined by the office space and number of employees that they have. They’re defined by their responsiveness to clients and their ability to solve problems for their clients. A virtual system will improve both areas.

5. Scalable Phone System

You have big plans for your company. While today it might be a startup that’s only a few weeks old, it will look much different 2 to 5 years from now.

If you’re going to continue and grow your company, then you’ll want to provide it with resources that can adapt with it, rather than stunting its growth.

Virtual phone systems are 100% scalable to your company. As you gain more employees, you’ll be able to add your system to their personal devices within only a few short minutes.

The immense cloud storage space will help your company keep track of its growing client base. The accessibility of the system will ensure that every call is answered by the appropriate team member.

A virtual phone system also makes it easy for your staff to run their clients as if it were their own. They can customize their message deliveries, voicemail, and much more to make their customers feel a personable connection with your brand.

Invest in a Virtual Business Phone System Today

Now that you’ve seen all the reasons why you should invest in a virtual business phone system for your company, it’s time to do just that.

Looking for tips on how to create a united front with your remote staff? Be sure to read this article on remote collaboration best practices for more advice.

For more inquiries, please start by requesting a quote online and we’ll be happy to assist you further!


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