What is SocComm?

Well, this term may not be a wide spread acronym – yet – but given that the guy that came up with it also came up with several other well known industry terms it will probably catch up during 2009!

On Tuesday VoIP industry pioneer and promoter Jeff Pulver, founder of Pulver.com, the VON conferences and also founder of numerous VoIP related companies (including Vonage) is hosting SocComm in New York City.

Alon Cohen , Phone.com’s Executive VP and CTO who will also be speaking at SocComm, was (directly or indirectly) the reason Jeff entered the VoIP space about 13 years ago. Alon was Co-founder of the first Voice over IP company and of the first Internet Phone product. When Jeff saw it he fell in love and eventually helped create the industry knows as VoIP by promoting the technology all over the world for the past 12 years. Mainly through his VON conferences but also through hundreds of keynotes and interviews and lobbying with the FCC.
Small disclaimer: I had the pleasure to work with Jeff on managing the “Pulver Ventures” group that helped incubate new IP Communications ventures.

Now Pulver is looking ahead again, combining internet TV, social media and other means of communications. Perhaps not something that is as obscure as VoIP was back then but Social Communications (…SocComm) is certainly still in its “wild west” days. As technology, business models and acceptance evolve we will see more and more use for both business and pleasure of SocComm. One of Pulver’s other terms is MICE: Media / Internet / Communications / Entertainment and SocComm will have well known speakers that come from all four letters of MICE and will share from their experience as to how all four are being combined.

At Phone.com we do our share to “contribute” to SocComm (not only by being an event sponsor) but also with our products and services, especially from the C side of things. During the course of 2009 we plan to launch several new products that will combine more of the MICE letters. Our new Phone.com – Chatcalls will evolve into such an application and we will write more about it the months to come as we roll it out.

We look forward to SocComm conference this coming Tuesday in NYC.