Tips to Maximize Your Small Business Facebook Page

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Whatever your opinion is these days about social media, it’s hard to overlook its power for businesses in the digital space.

20 years ago the advertising landscape was wildly different, but thanks to the Internet, a de facto free website like Facebook changes the entire game.

Now businesses are able to interact with customers instantly and also use calculated strategy through the website’s own analytics to inform how their company operates.

No matter what industry you’re in, here are some tips to get the most out of your Facebook page.

Create Content

Sure, this might be a given but it’s still important nonetheless to mention. Because of how
crowded the corporate table is and how quickly everything moves, stagnation isn’t a viable
option. A solid creative strategy on your end will lead to better organic reach through a steady
stream of fresh content.

Utilize the Remarketing/Retargeting Options

If you’re working with somewhat of a budget, it would be in your best interest to retarget
potential customers using Facebook. As a small business, your well-placed ads looking fresh and
enticing will give consumers a second look and a second opportunity to buy your product or


With Facebook Insights and Google Analytics, businesses are able to easily track consumer
behavior on your page. Who is reading (or not reading) which articles? What is a post’s reach
versus impressions? All are great tools to more inform how people interact with your content.

Post More Frequently

Since the average time spent on Facebook is 20 minutes, likely broken up throughout the day,
it’s best to post multiple times. Your reach will naturally increase as well as engagement will go
up. It’s also helpful to not only share original content but also up-to-date industry news and
trends too.

Engage Authentically

Businesses who actually interact with visitors, both current and potential customers, are more
likely to create meaningful connections. This of course leads to more engagement and brand
awareness and, hopefully, an increase in customers and sales. Here at, we interact
with our customers all the time either through social media, email or on the phone.

Did we miss anything? How does your company use Facebook as an advantage? Send us your
thoughts on Facebook or Twitter!

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