To Help Nonprofit Organization Veterans Forever Soldiers

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At we love to help our customers in every way possible and it’s very rewarding to see our services benefit others.  We have teamed up with, an organization that makes free resources available to non-profit organizations and charities, to provide phone service for organizations like Veterans Forever Soldiers.

Judith McDonald-Smith, President of Veterans Forever Soldiers, took some time to tell us about her organization and how service has helped them over the past year.   Veterans Forever Soldiers’ mission is to “honor, respect and care” for veterans.  They have implemented several programs to spread community awareness and engagement as well as to provide aid with the distribution of food, clothes, sleeping bags, blankets and other essentials. The staff and volunteers are always on the go helping with projects and programs.

There is always a need to maintain professionalism and communication within the organization. helps them do just that! “It is important to have the right image – one that is professional and trustworthy,” says Mcdonald-Smith. “Veterans Forever Soldiers stays connected with its service population of veterans in crisis as well as with those who partner with us on their behalf. has enhanced our ability to do business by providing advanced technology that keeps us professionally poised and dependable.”

Aside from being reachable by phone wherever they go, one of McDonald-Smith’s favorite features is the ability to control the phone settings. “We…really love the easy-to-use online account manager that puts us in control of everything right at our fingertips,” she said.

Through Grassroots and, Veterans Forever Soldiers has saved hundreds of dollars per year on their phone service, allowing them to provide more services to veterans. While the organization takes care of our veterans, we definitely love to take care of our customers as well and Judith recognizes it. “The prompt attention, quality care and superior service that we receive from is graded at 100% + 10 for extra credit! In the world of nonprofits, the small ones usually go unnoticed. We here at Veterans Forever Soldiers are left feeling as if we are your only customer.”

Whether our customers come from big businesses or a small non-profit or even a simple setup at home, that is exactly how we want all of our customers to feel! If you have been left feeling as if you were our only customer and handled with care, let us know!

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