How to Better Manage Stress While Running a Business

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Running a business isn’t easy.

The stress of keeping your business running and your employees happy can really start to wear you down after a while. In some cases, this can actually lead to a decline in your health because of the ongoing stress that you’re subject to. There has to be a way to manage all of this stress while keeping your business in the black, doesn’t there?

There are actually a few different ways that you can manage the stress of keeping your business running. Even though it may sometimes seem like there’s nothing you can do about the stress you’re under, there are actually a number of strategies available to better manage the stress of running a business.

Here are just a few of the ways that you can take care of yourself and keep your mental and physical health in good shape while keeping your business running smoothly as well:

Focus on the Positives

Business owners often focus more on negatives than positives, usually in an attempt to correct whatever caused the problems and prevent them from happening again.

This isn’t the healthiest mindset, though, and can lead to you overlooking a lot of positives in your business operation. While it’s important to keep an eye on the problems that arise, it will be better for both your mental wellbeing and the health of your business if you give at least equal attention to the positives that arise.

Give Yourself a Break

Managers and business owners are notoriously “always on” when it comes to business operations. Part of this is out of necessity, since they need to be reachable in case a problem occurs while they’re away from the office.

It usually extends beyond this, though, with a lot of work being brought home even when it’s not strictly necessary. Overloading yourself is a good way to help stress build, so it’s important to schedule in some down time in addition to all of that work time. Take breaks just like your employees do during the work day and set aside at least some of your off time to shut down “business you” and just be “you” for a while.

Write It Down

If you don’t express the things that bother you then all of that stress will just build and build. It’s hard to talk to someone about your business-related issues, though, and in some cases doing so might even give away trade secrets or other things you don’t want to share.

There is another potential solution, however: Write it down. Carry a small pocket notebook or other pad of paper with you and make notes about the things that bother you. Read through it from time to time, crossing out things as they’re dealt with. Even if you just want to rant about something for a moment, it doesn’t take long to write your problems down. You’ll be surprised at how cathartic it can be, and you always have the option of shredding the paper once a page is full in case you’re worried about secrecy.

Take Up a Hobby

It may seem trite, but you’d be surprised at how much of a difference taking up a hobby can make in handling your stress.

It doesn’t have to be an in-depth hobby that requires a significant amount of training and practice, either; you could do something as simple as joining a book club or going to wine tastings at local vineyards. Big or small, a new hobby can have a significant impact on your stress levels.

Learn to Prioritize

You’d be surprised at how many business leaders have problems prioritizing things in their life.

Part of this might be a result of the large role they take in their work, attempting to be everything to everyone to keep things going smoothly. Spend some time learning how to prioritize everything and don’t fret over those things that are of lower priority until the big stuff is taken care of.

Practice Mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness training are increasingly popular among business owners because of the significant reduction in stress they provide.

Some people avoid meditation because they believe there’s a religious or “new age” connotation to it, but at its core it is simply a relaxation and focus technique that helps you wind down and clear your mind of its clutter. If you decide that you like meditation or mindfulness practice, you might also consider adding yoga or similar low-impact exercise that incorporates well with mindful living.

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