Growing Your Facebook Audience: Four Tips for Small Business

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For small businesses, creating a Facebook page takes a matter of minutes. Growing your audience for that page, though, takes a lot of hard work!

A few weeks ago, I attended Facebook’s Boost Your Business event in San Diego, a seminar for small business owners to learn about maximizing their ROI on Facebook advertising.

It’s no secret that Facebook’s sharing model encourages you to advertise. A post to your business page will only reach about 16 percent of your audience’s newsfeeds organically without you boosting that post or creating an ad directed at your target audience.

Learning from Other Small Businesses

Facebook Boost Your Business - San Diego Small Business Panel

My favorite session at Boost Your Business was a panel discussion featuring four successful San Diego small businesses: Jelly Skateboards, SUJA Juice, Tri Swim Coach and Chef’s Roll.

What the panel made clear, was that whether or not you spend a lot of money on Facebook ads to grow your reach, there are always ways to build a more engaging community and deliver content that your audience members want to share. Here are their top four tips.

1. Be Authentic

Forget about finding the perfect stock photo or writing about the trends that everyone else is covering. Think for a moment about your audience and your product—who are you? Find your unique message and style, and use it consistently. Feature REAL customer questions and stories, along with the real faces and voices of the people who work for you. And make it fun!

2. Give Love to Get Love

Unless you have a large budget for social advertising, you’re going to need to pound the virtual pavement a bit. Schedule 30 minutes each day to identify groups and pages related to your business on Facebook, and join them! In other words, find your community, pitch a tent and begin living there. In time, your community will recognize you and return the love.

3. Reach the People that Matter to You Most

Who is likely to buy your organic chew-hide treats designed for smaller dogs? Facebook Ad Targeting, especially with its Custom Audience and Lookalike Audience features, makes it easy for you to deliver ads to those most likely to buy—for a fee. On your own time, however, you could also identify Facebook groups for owners of various smaller dog breeds. You could find pages for canine boutiques in the regions and countries you ship to. And there are no doubt other pet-food vendors and organizations on Facebook that the support the idea of your product. Facebook brings your community to your door.

4. Deliver Only the Best Content

Think about how quickly you scroll through your Facebook feed, especially on your mobile phone. The images you post on your Facebook business page had better POP! And the text that goes with them had better be short, typo-free and enticing. The small-business owners on the Boost Your Business panel could not emphasize this enough: Your content must be the very best that you can generate. Make it authentic, professional and powerful, and there’s a better chance it’ll be read, liked and shared!

What has your experience been promoting your business on Facebook? Share your best tips, lessons learned, and any issues you’ve faced.

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