Going Solo? How to Set Up a Basic Business Phone Service

Going Solo? How to Set Up a Basic Business Phone Service

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Getting Started for Entrepreneurs


Are you just starting out in business? You have an idea, and skills, and a bit of money to get you started. But how on earth do you set up a business phone service?


We have a guide designed just for you, the entrepreneur! We bet your communication needs are as small right now as your business.


In Getting Started for Entrepreneurs, you’ll find a complete setup guide for your business phone system, including the following features:

  • A desk phone to place and receive calls
  • A mobile app to manage calls on the go
  • A customized voicemail greeting for your business
  • Schedules to forward calls during and after your business hours
  • Sending and receiving faxes and SMS text messages
  • Recording phone calls for client records

Who Should Use This Guide?

As an entrepreneur, we assume you are either running a business on your own or you have just a couple of employees. If this is you, Getting Started for Entrepreneurs is for you!


If your business has grown beyond this, we suggest you use Getting Started for Small Businesses or Getting Started for Growing Businesses. Go for it, grow your small business with Phone.com!


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