Give your company a big company feel

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Today we published an interview with Mike Kolodziej, Founder and President of TheDentDoc ( TheDentDoc is a long time customer and in using the Virtual Service demonstrates how small companies can take great advantage of services once available only to much bigger businesses.

TheDentDoc is a Southern California based dent repair shop for cars but they come to you to do the repair work on your car.

Using technicians and other contractors to do the work Mike and his team are always on the go and by using the Virtual Office service they can always be reached and even be prepared for the type of project that a customer call might be about.

All this is available because of’s sophisticated suite of features including phone greetings, customer selection menu’s, caller ID based and / or time of day routing of calls and also ability to forward call to any mobile or fixed line phone number as requested!

Read more about TheDentDoc and how they are enjoying all the services!

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