6 Tech & Telecom Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following

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Checking VoIP twitter followers

Checking VoIP twitter followers


Pardon the alliteration, but we’re pretty excited about this list of Twitterers in the telecom and technology industry.

Given you should already be following the heavy hitters like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Tim Cook. But it’d be nice to get some women and diverse people in there too! So with that said, here’s our recommendations of influencers in the telecom and tech industries you should be following on Twitter.


Marques Brownlee

Brownlee, a.k.a. MKBHD, is a popular YouTuber who has millions of hits on his tech vlogs. He regularly posts reviews of products, thoughts on the industry and more. Check him out! He has mastered the marriage of technology and entertainment.


Reshma Saujani

Reshma is the founder and CEO of Girls Who Code.  Her company’s mission is to get more women working in technology. She has written a NYT best selling book and provides information on where young girls can get involved with STEM programs.


Emily Chang

Emily is a writer and TV personality for Bloomberg Technology & Studio 1.0. She published a book in 2018 entitled “Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys’ Club of Silicon Valley.” Follow her for more on women in tech and all other things related to the industry.


Jon Arnold

Arnold is a well known technology blogger, whose website J. Arnold & Associates is a great place for all things telecom, VoIP and tech.


Susan Crawford

Susan is a well known expert in telecom & internet law. She c0-lead the FCC transition between the Bush & Obama administrations. She is a contributor to WIRED magazine and has written three books.


EVP/CTO of Phone.com Alon Cohen

Okay, sure. We’re a little biased. But it’s for good reason. Alon co-founded VocalTec in 1985, which became the first company to patent the Voice over IP audio transceiver. Alon himself holds 5 U.S. patents and regularly speaks at conferences and gives webinars to pass along his industry expertise.



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