What can you do with your address book? Phone.com Introduces New Features!

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Today our Phone.com – Virtual Office service added new advanced call routing capabilities enabling virtually unlimited options on call forwarding to any phone, or menu, based on time of day or even a specific caller ID.

Callers can be directed based on their number (or time of day) they called to any phone.
These new call control capabilities also enable any Phone.com account owner to upload their address book and dial any contact straight from their personal online control panel.

By placing calls out of their control panel the recipient will see their virtual office phone number. No need to show your home or cell phone number.

We are very pleased with the progress we made since we launched in December 2007. We are growing our customer base and getting good reviews and feedback both on our robust feature set and our friendly customer support team. We continue to innovate and introduce new services and applications and with this new release already looking forward to our next product offerings coming out later in the year.

Here is a summary of the new features introduced today:

Personal Phone.com ADDRESS BOOK
You can now import your address book from Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL and other contact sources. You can also enter individual contacts directly into your Phone.com Address Book.

Your new Phone.com Address Book allows storage of all your contacts in one organized location. When your contacts are kept on file, you can assign rules to specific callers and route them to personalized menus, queues, voicemail, extensions, and much more. Each Extension is provided with their own Address Book.

Outbound Calls – Hide Your Private Caller ID
As a Phone.com Virtual Office subscriber you may now click to call a contact in your Phone.com Address Book from inside your own extension section in the control panel. You may also choose to click and call ANY random phone number from your private inbox. In both cases the phone number displayed for the call recipient will be the Virtual Office phone number and NOT your private home or mobile phone.

Caller ID Routing
With Caller ID Routing, you have the option to route incoming calls received from a contact stored in your Phone.com Address Book, based on their caller ID, to a specific destination such as your cell phone, a custom recording, a menu, or anything else you prefer! Route individual contacts or whole groups.

Click To Call Buttons
The Click to Call Button is a “web button” that can be “pasted” on your website, blog, auction or any online document and allow visitors to your site to click that button and place a call directly to you without having to dial your number.

Please visit the Phone.com website and learn more about our new and exciting features from our user guides or by contacting our support team. We are here to help you 24/7.

As always, we sincerely appreciate your comments and feedback — please let us know what you think by contacting support@phone.com

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