Is It Possible to Run Your Business from a Smartphone?

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run your business

run your businessSmartphones are pretty fantastic devices. They started out with a major focus on business, but ended up pretty much everywhere in our lives. They’re still used in business, of course, though just how useful they are varies from one employer to the next. Some workplaces have stricter smartphone policies than others, and even the more lenient ones still tend to have very little actual work done from the devices.

What if that wasn’t the case, though? What if you could not only do a significant portion of your work from your smartphone, but could actually run your business from it? It may sound like a pipe dream, but at least for some entrepreneurs and business owners it could actually be possible.

  • Business Communications

One aspect of your business that you can definitely handle from your smartphone is the communications aspect. You can obviously make and receive calls, but you can also text and access your email. You can even use alternative means of communication such as Skype or Facebook Messenger to connect so long as you have data or an Internet connection.

  • Social Media Marketing

There’s a lot to be said for social media when it comes to marketing and interacting with customers. Modern smartphones are all but designed for social media use, so you can easily access your company accounts to make posts, answer questions and otherwise build your social media presence. You can also manage other marketing efforts from your smartphone as well, especially if you advertise through companies that offer online portals.

  • Data Review

There’s no doubt about it: Data drives business. Fortunately, you have a lot of options when it comes to reviewing data from your smartphone. In addition to being able to access online accounts to view data stored on servers, you can also view documents and spreadsheets by using the appropriate apps. While it’s not always feasible to review large data sets from a smartphone, you can at least look over the data and then review it in greater depth on a larger screen later.

  • Scheduling

Regardless of the make or model of your smartphone, somewhere on there you have a calendar app that you can schedule appointments on. The vast majority of these can sync with email and other accounts, letting you get reminders not only from your phone but also your online accounts. This lets you keep your schedule up to date without having to cross-reference other software or check in with the home office.

  • Customer Service

A surprising amount of customer service can be done from a smartphone. Not only can you return calls and check emails, but app-based survey and support systems also let you collect feedback and check on the problems that your customers have. Because you can access the data from your smartphone you can even keep up to date with customer issues while you’re on the road.

  • Custom Solutions

There are a few things that your smartphone might not be able to do off the bat, but there are ways to get around this. If all else fails, programmers for hire can actually build custom apps specifically to help you run your business. These apps can be for you alone or for you and everyone in your company, but they’ll still be designed to your specifications.

Sure, there will be things that pop up from time to time that require more power than your smartphone offers, but a surprising amount of the work required to run a business can be done with the phone in your pocket. Best of all, as smartphone technology continues to evolve, you’ll find that your options are growing each and every time you upgrade your phone.

  • Existing Solutions Are Out There

There are ways to make this a reality as early as today.’s service, for example, can give you multiple lines, allowing you to keep your cell phone number private, do video and conference calls and even send faxes, all from your smartphone. The features included in’s base plan may be exactly what you need to do your business from the phone in your pocket right now.

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