Featured Interview with Mike Kolodziej, President of The Dent Doc.

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One of Phone.com’s first customers was, The DENT DOC . The DENT-DOC provides an extremely valuable service to Southern Californians in the area of mobile automotive dent repair; Mobile Paint and Bumper Repair; Collision Repair; Custom Detailing; Wheel Repair and Refinishing; Windshield Repair; Window Tinting, and so on.

In other words – they come to you to do the repair work on your car.

The Dent-Doc’s certified repair technicians have years of experience with all vehicle makes and models. Using innovative tools and cutting edge technology, this mobile company offers fast turnaround, competitive pricing, and a lifetime guarantee on all work done.

We sat down with Mike Kolodziej, President and Founder of The Dent Doc, recently and talked about his business, and how Phone.com is helpful to him. We asked Mike:

Why did you choose Phone.com in the first place?

I needed image enhancement, being a mobile company with a remote staff and no large central office. Phone.com- Virtual Office gave me the appearance of having a corporate office without the expense of a corporate office! The service gives my business the impression of size, as well as a high level brand impression. This is exactly what I needed.

Basically the company is me, and a team of highly trained repair technicians. What I needed was a credible image – and everything comes in through the phone, so the phone system is what needed improvement. And that’s what Phone.com gave me.

Plus, my wife and I own a second business (a baby-shirt online catalogue: Opinionatedbaby) so both are using the same Phone.com service… so I needed something which would help me identify which company was being called, when the calls come in, which is all day long.

Do you make use of many of the features of the Phone.com system?

We use many features but not all. We keep it simple.

I maintain two vanity 800 toll free numbers through Phone.com – 1-877-DENT-DOC and 1-877-OH-BABY-1… and, by the way, Phone.com doesn’t charge me every month for the number like most telephone companies do, thank you very much! Just for the cost of having the Vanity number with AT&T it used to cost me $18 per month! Now, it costs me nothing extra every month for Phone.com’s two vanity numbers. Zero.

All calls go to my cell phone. And, like I said, I can ID which company is being called.
Caller ID Routing is one of my favorite features, besides the menu, and the auto-reception. It displays the 9 – 6 hours of operation option to send calls to my Cell, or to my contractors, to their cell phone, 9 am to 6 pm. After 6 pm I send all calls to my Phone.com voicemail box. So Phone,com, in a very real sense, is my back-end corporate office. It processes and organizes all my calls, which is the basis of all my revenue in the auto dent repair business, during business hours, and after.

And of course I get all voicemail messages in email alerts immediately. So I can return calls right away, and not lose any business… and in this business you have to get right back to people or they call a repair shop immediately.

You mentioned the popular Phone.com menu. How is this helpful to you?

Well, for example, bumper repair technicians get the calls directly from our phone.com menu. The caller with a bumper dent problem hears the right option, and pushes option “2” for “bumpers”, someone with a windshield problem pushes another number, and so forth. The image prospective customers get over the phone is a picture of a large busy office, with various specific technicians, and departments.

On hold for “Dents & Bumpers” callers hear “Press 1 or 2” – and my electronic receptionist (another benefit I love – no added expense of a live receptionist!) tells the caller all about the services and fees involved with that particular remote service.
If a technician is not available, the caller goes into voicemail, which never fills up, it can go on for ever, and the technician gets an alert by email and text message – so he can return the call quickly.

My technician contractors make use of the same Phone.com text & email alert messaging that I do. But – only I, the owner, have administrator rights to get into and use the Phone.com online account. The online account is where I control the entire system from my interface, so I don’t let anyone else access that.

I am able to disseminate information as I see fit – structuring the menu as I wish.
Different messages are the criteria by which I route the calls to the correct technician. Press 1 if your dent is smaller than the palm of your hand. Press 2 if your dent is larger than the palm of your hand. Press Three if the dent in your bumper. So the phone menu in fact saves me tons of time not talking to customers I shouldn’t be talking to, plus tons of wasted money wasting minutes on the my cell phone.
That wasted time I never get back talking to people I can’t do business with – so wasted time is now almost completely avoided.

You also mentioned fast response time. How does Phone.com help you with this?

Because the phone system is so easily routed to our cell phones, and can follow us anywhere, we can almost always be available to take a call.

But if it does go into voicemail, because of the voicemail email alerts, we’re always able to get back to potential customers right away.
For dents & bumper there is always the sense of urgency – folks calling in really want to speak to someone right away, immediately. Or they’ll go to a competitor right away. Worst case scenario, the technician will get an instant message alert and return the call in a few minutes, which is critical for this business.

How does “image control” play into your use of this phone system?

The most important thing, the critical thing, is that callers connect to our cell phones right away, without ever knowing it’s a remote location all the time and never in the office itself.

In other words, maintaining the impression of a traditional office. That image is super important to people calling in. I’d even say critical, when you consider the competition.

How does Phone.com act as your Virtual Office, or “corporate office”?

I never have to be in an office to conduct business in a professional way. Plus, the system integrates extremely well with wireless and mobile technology.

After 6pm calls go to voicemail, are routed through Phone.com into my virtual online account, and nothing rings anywhere. If I had a part time person, I could tailor the calls to be routed to them only at certain times, which is really incredible. Who is reachable & at what time – and where.

Phone.com is literally my virtual office. It is what people see and hear. And it’s all automatic.
Phone.com gives me the ability to maintain control over how I do business. It gives me flexibility of location; allows me to route calls in the field, anywhere, to anyone I choose. I can structure the menu so every incoming call goes to the right technician, and I waste as little time as possible by avoiding talking to people I can’t do business with.

What would you do without Phone.com?

I don’t know how I’d do business without Phone.com.
The unique benefits of this system allow me to live the flexible type of life that I live. The business doesn’t consume my life because Phone.com allows me to avoid wasting time, and calls never intrude on my private life…
I can, in short, totally maximize my time, and maximize my life, really… This system gives me control over the time I spend day to day – and let’s me do business exactly how I want to do business…. It let’s me do business on my terms.
No matter whether I am in the office or on the beach – the customer never knows the difference – and the work still gets done, without wasting any precious time. And as I said before – you can never get that time back!

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