Why Phone.com Virtual Office?

Are you a small business owner, home office professional or entrepreneur? Do you use cell phones or a home phone as your business phone line?

Does your business have a brick and mortar or online store-front with a central phone number and perhaps a fax line? Are you fed up with your business calls getting mixed up with your personal calls?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions you are a perfect candidate for Phone.com – Virtual Office, the ultimate professional small business phone solution.

With Virtual Office robust suite of high-end flexible phone features, greetings, menus and communications tools you can suddenly sound and feel like a Fortune 500 company!

Think about it. You’ll actually be projecting a big business image, and enjoy telecommunications features and benefi ts previously beyond the reach of a small business on a modest budget. Yet, your monthly phone and fax costs will remain low – perhaps even less than they were before you signed up with Phone.com.

-Were you aware of the fact that the small business market represents the largest business segment in America?

-Would it surprise you to know that there are over seven million home-based businesses in the U.S., with over 550,000 new businesses starting up every month?

-Did you know that the small business telecom market is one of the most underserved business segments in America? Most phone companies

– new, old, wired and wireless – focus on the big business “enterprise” market, which does NOT cater to the type of budget small business
owners can afford for their telecommunications needs.

– With new technology in development all the time – and new features continuously coming on stream – Phone.com is changing all of this!

What can Phone.com Virtual Office do for my business?

Enable you to continue using your existing mobile and land line phones and if you have partners, and/or employees, they can do the same.

– When you sign up for Phone.com Virtual Office you can choose a local phone number (in any area code) or a toll free number, or you can “roll your number” over to Phone.com.

– It couldnt be simpler. Now, everyone who works for your business is able to give out the same main offi ce number – as if it were a large,
branded company.

– You get a password to login to your account, and can begin to “build” your own customized corporate phone system:

-You can record personalized greetings (“welcome to…”) – or select a professional voice to deliver your greetings.

-You can set up a ‘call menu’ (“press 1 for ____, Press 2 for ____”), and so on.

-Create extensions for other employees or departments. They can be in other locations, and even in other states, or another country!

-Automatically activate your “Dial-by-name directory.

-Even if there is only one person functioning in your business, your Virtual Offi ce system will project an image of a large, successful, business.

What happens to the calls?

-Anyone who calls your new phone number can be directed to any designated physical phone or mobile device. How?

-Every Phone.com customer has endless choices of forwarding calls to home, cell… …or other mobile phone devices — from your customized online account Control Panel. You’ll never miss another important call again!

-Your choices are practically endless:


-Forward calls so that several phones ring at once, or in order

-Schedule calls based on time of day; or day of the week

-Receive calls based on who the specific caller is (phone number ID). You can even create a special greeting for specifi c callers!

-All voicemails can be aggregated to one or several chosen emails as an attachment; OR you can actually have your phone messages transcribed to text so you can read your voicemails and have an exact record of these communications

-You even get a complete send & receive electronic fax service — at no extra cost!

-You can dial out and hide your actual phone number when you wish.

-You get FREE Conference Calling

-Plus – local International Phone numbers (Global Numbers). You can now have your customers in Paris call you on a local Parisian number — for the price of a Paris local call.

All of these great features and benefits come with plans that start at $9.88 and include a 24-7 US based full time customer support team that will help you set up your Virtual Office phone system at no extra cost.

There is NO obligation, and NO risk – Your first month is FREE. If you like what you have, you can pay your low rate by the month with NO long term commitments.

For more information visit Phone.com/products/virtual-office.