That Big Phone Company and the Future of Cloud Telephony

  “There is a need to retool yourself, and you should not expect to stop ... if we can’t [learn new technologies], mark my words, in three years we’ll be managing decline.” Randall Stephenson. Chairman and CEO, AT&T.   “I’m riding the copper train all the way down.” Kevin Stephenson. AT&T... Read More

Quick Guide: Ordering a New Phone or Adapter

  Last week, we added eight new desk and conference phone models to our line up! The new Polycom and Yealink models offer all the features you need, at different price points, and they arrive pre-configured, ready to work with your service straight out the box! offers a wide variety... Read More

Hold the Muzak! Using Hold Music to Your Best Advantage

It's everyone's least favorite part of calling a service company. "Could I place you on hold for a moment?" Well, do I have an option? Didn't think so. One of the worst parts of being on hold, is the hold music that goes with it, also known as elevator music (because... Read More

Cloud Telephony for the Entrepreneur

  When you think about a business phone system, you probably imagine an outdated phone on a desk, or a call placed on hold while it's being transferred, or a light blinking to let you know there are a string of voice messages waiting for you? Definitely a phone on a desk in... Read More Adds More IP Phones To Help You Work

Whether you're looking for a desk phone that's loaded with features, or a conference phone so you can better hear your callers and be heard, we've got new options in our lineup! All of these phones come pre-configured to work with service and features. (more…) Read More

Planning a Small Business Computer Network

Wouldn't it be great if your office-space rental came with the perfect network configuration for your business? One can dream. Chances are, you don't have a network engineer on staff, and if you're contracting these services out, you'd like to do some of the planning or at least understand what they're... Read More

Ten Tips for Getting that Software Developer Interview is growing, which means we're looking for software developers. One of the hats I wear as Senior API Developer is screening applicants for our API team openings. I've read hundreds of developer applications over the years, and I'd like to share my top ten tips for getting an interview for... Read More

Innovation and Mentorship at This Year’s Next Level Conference

  Last week,  I participated in the eighth annual Next Level Conference, hosted by the New Jersey Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership (IFEL) and the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC). This incredible event is geared at helping Newark's small-business owners innovate and grow their businesses. IFEL is an organization that Read More

Adjusting Your Phone System to Your Growing Business

  One of the hardest things in business is being able to plan for growth—to accurately gauge the resources you'll need in the coming months and years. If you're thinking about adding an office in another country, how do you know how much space to rent or how many people... Read More

Instagram Success for Your Small Business

    Starting a new business, so much of your energy goes into making it real. Tangible products, packaging and web presence, the brick and mortar of your storefront. Growing a new business will stretch you thin. You'll have to make do without the people and resources you'd have working in a larger organization. Starting up... Read More

UPCOMING: ITEXPO 2016 – Expanding Horizons – Innovative Uses for Cloud-Based Telephony

Where: ITEXPO Fort Lauderdale, FL When: Wednesday 1/27/16 - 1:30pm-2:25pm What: Expanding Horizons - Innovative Uses for Cloud-Based Telephony With:  Mike Burroughs - LiftMaster Alon Cohen - Marcellino Greggio - Mitchell Keller - Spectrio Joel Maloff (Moderator) - Chris Staub - LiftMaster About: This session will focus on three real-world innovative use cases of cloud-based telephony, including representatives from affected... Read More

Book Review: The 5 Levels of Leadership

Leadership, what is it? Are there essential characteristics? What distinguishes a good leader from a bad one? Do I have any hope of improving my leadership skills? And if so, what will it do for me and for those I care about?  John C. Maxwell is a world-renowned expert on leadership. In... Read More

Customer Happiness and Growing your Business

  When we discuss growing our businesses, what we're really talking about is drawing new customers through our doors, and keeping them happy with great products and sincere customer service. Customer loyalty is both the bedrock and the path to success for your business, whether it's product or service based. In a great article called Seven... Read More

Growing Your Tech Business Through Channel Partners

This post appeared first on TMCnet.     As of early 2016, small businesses (those with under 250 employees) employ more people in the United States than larger enterprises (56.1 million vs. 51.6 million). In fact, it’s estimated that more than half of all workers in the USA will be... Read More

Visualize Your Business: The Value of Infographics

  It's no secret that we have less time to read these days. If you're like me, you have a pile of books on your desk and nightstand. Your customers are busy too, and they appreciate anything you do to help them grasp your products and services quicker. One way to do that... Read More

Growing Your Business Begins with You!

  "When you struggle to learn something, your brain actually GROWS." Bill Gates   We know that what we think, we become. What you believe fuels your behavior, and behavior determines success. It stands to reason, then, that how you see yourself and the challenges you face daily in business, has a lot to... Read More

Happy New Year 2016!

  "We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity, And its first chapter is New Year's Day." Edith Lovejoy Pierce   Wishing our customers, partners and friends a very happy new year. May 2016 be... Read More