We Hate Those Pesky Automated Callers Too

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robocallsDo you get many automated calls? You know, the kind where you answer and no one is there? We’ve been talking about this all day in the office, and in the time we were chatting, I personally received three such calls.

Automated calls typically originate from automated dialers. These systems are used to determine how many times they have to call to get you to answer the phone. This helps determine the best time of day to call you and builds a profile of your behavior. In other words, they are casing you so that telemarketers can reach you more effectively.

No matter why they are calling, I think we can agree that automated calls are obnoxious. They interrupt your meals, your sleep and your business meetings. No one wants to be bothered by automated callers and Phone.com has two solutions!

Use Your “Spam Callers” List

The first solution is to use *9.  Pressing *9 while you have the caller on the line adds that number to your personal Spam Callers List and blocks the caller! Minutes will not be charged to your Phone.com account when a blocked caller tries to call you. Also, Phone.com lets you block offshore calls, as well as calls from pay phones, in your phone-number settings.

People Only Please!

The second method is one I use to keep my family from getting spam calls.  All incoming calls on our phones are directed to a menu where callers hear the recorded message, “If you are a real person, press 1.” When the automated dialer fails to select 1, the call will drop, leaving the dialer without the data it was looking for. This solution works every time but the call will cost you money, so I recommend also blocking callers that you are not familiar with.

Automated dialers are an real inconvenience, which is why we are happy to suggest these solutions. How do you deal with automated callers? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter.