Toll Free Tips: Get your voicemails transcribed and read them from your email inbox

Logging into to your voicemail inbox takes time and listening to voicemails take time.

With Voicemail service you can get your voicemails forwarded as an attachment to your email for easier reviewing but you can do better than that! With Text Voicemail you can get your voicemails transcribed into text and then they get sent to your email inbox and / or to your cell phone as a text message/SMS.

This service saves a lot of time reviewing voicemails and also makes it easier and quicker to prioritize between incoming voicemails. In noisy places it might be the only way for you to pick up a voicemail. Also, since you can search for key words, Text Voicemail also helps you search for old voicemails based on relevant key words.

Text voicemail services such as Text Voicemail are gaining popularity for the above mentioned reasons. They do have a fee associated with it: $0.25 per voicemail and the transcription is currently limited to a one minute voicemail. These transcription services use a mix of sophisticated transcription technology BUT also human transcribers who make sure the voicemail is transcribed with in minutes and sent back to the customer.

Check it out – each customer gets 3 transcriptions at no cost. You can also turn this feature “on” and “off” or decide which phone numbers you do or do NOT want transcribed.