Still Using A Fax? Use’s

Until recently I was under the impression that faxes were a dying technology but I was talking to a friend in the real-estate business and I found out that still to this day, in 2011 when everyone is preaching green living that he along with his coworkers still fax and print many documents. Emailing isn’t good enough and e-signatures don’t work in their business either. Same thing with mortgage loans and some federal documents. I’m not opposed to faxing by any means. I still have to do it every so often but I was a little surprised to hear that entire industries still utilize this old technology.

So I thought I would remind everyone that offers fax service. The Virtual Office, Home Phone Plus and Virtual Number plans all allow you to send fax’s from the online control panel. It’s a feature on the left side in the menu bar. I’ve used it a few times myself to send directions and recipes to my in laws who don’t use a computer much anymore. On top of all this our Virtual Office service allows users to add a fax line and get fax’s directly into their email inbox and into their inbox. From there you can print them or just look at them on the computer. NYC criminal lawyer Joseph Potashnik credits’s fax service as helping him save so much, in hassle, when it comes to having a fax in his office.

So if you still find yourself sending fax’s on a regular basis or just every so often don’t forget to use Plus we don’t take up any space like that old fax machine you might still have.