Our online team just drafted a new star…

This post is by our new online community master:

Hello Phone.com readers,

In this time of social media, with the revolution of Twitter and the evolution of Facebook, the world is a changing place. People these days don’t always want to call an 800 number for customer service and definitely don’t want to wait on hold. At Phone.com we have a great team that will take your calls, chats and emails and we will continue to do so but as people have turned more and more to the internet to interact with companies so have we.

Its common place now to direct message your cable company on Twitter or “like” your phone company’s Facebook fan page.

But who’s on the other end of those Tweets and Facebook messages?

Well starting today I will be along with the Phone.com CEO Ari Rabban and CTO Alon Cohen. Ari & Alon have been here for a while so I don’t think and introduction is necessary, but feel free to say hi to them, they are friendly. I’m the new guy around here. My name is Jeb Brilliant. I’m here to focus on the mobile aspect and the new mobile apps for Phone.com but I hope I can be of assistance in other ways as well. Lets start with, I’m not a computer. I type all my answers myself.

I’m here to interact with current customers, potential customers, and people just looking around who may have questions about Phone.com. Ill do my best to help answer any questions I can and keep you up to date with whats going on in the Phone.com world.
We are constantly working to give you the best experience possible with all of our current and future offerings.

So to start with have you tried of our new Android or iPhone apps? What do you think? Are they up to your standards? Do you have any suggestions for us? Is there anything you want to know about what were doing? Anything I can cover in a blog post for you? By the way, as you may have noticed, I will be blogging as well.

I’m here to help and to do so here is my email address Jeb@Phone.com and the company Twitter account @PhoneDotCom. You can also interact with us on Facebook. Don’t hesitate to drop me an email or Direct Message with any questions or comments you may have.