Moving Offices With Is a Breeze

One of my oldest friends has a medium sized business that’s doing so good he needs to grow, again. 2 years ago they doubled their office space and in the next year they need to do the same again. The problem is that this time they can’t just take over the adjacent office, they have to physically move. And this is going to be a lot of work because they have millions of pounds of heavy scientific machinery and thousands of pounds of samples. They also have 15 employees worth of office furniture, desks, chairs, couches, conference room tables, a 150 gallon aquarium, computers and last but not least their PBX server and telephones. Yes they are still using their own server. I know I know, why is he still doing this, especially knowing me??? I ask myself that all the time but I’m not a salesman.

Anyways it got me thinking, just their phone system alone is going to cost them a small fortune to disassemble, transport and then set up again. With it would literally take him no more then 15 minutes to go unplug each and every one of his 15 phones wrap the cord around each phone, maybe put each one in a bag and put all 15 into a box. Then when they get their offices set up at the new location it shouldn’t take more then 30 minutes to plug each phone back into the electrical outlet (if necessary) and into the ethernet. So the whole process shouldn’t take to much work or be to difficult. I would imagine switching offices won’t be that much trouble in terms of their phone system, if they had

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