Jeff Pollak of RadioActive Media and his Secret Weapon

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Jeff Pollak was looking for a way to advance his radio advertising business and lower his costs at the same time. has become his secret weapon helping him with his analytical needs for each of his customers. Jeff’s company RadioActive Media based in Orange County, California uses different phone numbers for each ad.

Let me explain, Jeff advertises for his clients on the radio, “We use to get unique vanity lines for many of our radio campaigns. It allows us to uniquely source our direct response radio campaigns so that we can show our clients verifiable results on a station-by-station basis.”

So instead of utilizing only one phone number for a radio campaign, he implements multiple lines, so that each station which his ads are running can be sourced on a station-by-station basis. For example the radio add for the client runs on 2 different radio stations this month, so each station gets a similar ad just with different phone numbers in it.

When I spoke to Jeff on the phone he explained that his customers like results quickly, he pointed out “’s control panel allows for RadioActive Media to quickly look up available toll free vanity numbers relating to the advertisers business. Lines are quickly set up and forwarded to the advertisers’ call centers.” He explained to me that one of his favorite things is paying for the entire year up front saving his company some serious cash. He also likes that we have 24/7 US based customer service reps.

Jeff has been doing this for over 3 years with us and I got the feeling he thinks of it as his secret weapon. Thus allowing him to more accurately target and return stronger results for each customer.

Jeff mentioned more then once, and I thought this was very appropriate for many of our customers that “ grows with your business”. In Jeff’s case this is literally true. With his growing business we’ve been able to expand the number of phone numbers he has.

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