Government and HD Voice

As I mentioned the other day, a group of us spent the day in Washington D.C. at the HD Summit and attending the FCC Chairman’s dinner over at the Washington Hilton. Our goal was to educate the press, government, technical and telecom associations about how High Definition (HD) voice delivers twice the sound of regular phone calls.

In many ways, I thought Washington to be the perfect forum for HD voice. Politicians speak with a people from all over country and the world. They juggle a wide range of accents and dialects that can easily be misunderstood on a regular phone call. HD quality’s greater frequency range captures those differences making it easier to understand one another.

Find out for yourself. Call another user and hear the power of HD. Of course, HD only works if both of you are on an HD network, like, and if you both have an HD phones. Encouraging adoption then of the entire HD solution is essential for the technology’s success.

In Washington, we talked about a variety of different ways of educating people about the power of HD. Here’s one though that we at have chosen to do. We feel so strongly that about HD’s future that for limited time we’re offering FREE shipping on all of our new HD phones. So go out and try the new voice revolution. The delivery is on us.

And once you’re up and running call me and let me know what you think. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on we could work together to get the whole world hearing better.