Standard feature with every account.

Accept or Reject a Call with Our IP Phone for Business

An audio announcement for an incoming call that provides specific caller information.

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You need to know who's calling.

Set up call screening with an audio message that tells you which number was dialed, and provides caller ID info. If you have multiple phone numbers, you'll know exactly which number your caller is trying to reach.

Accept the Call

Press 1 to accept the call and instantly connect with your caller and their pre-screened information.

Reject the Call

Press 2 to reject the call. The caller is routed to the next call handling rule set in your account.

Frequently asked questions

You can reject the call, using the call screening feature (press 2), and the call will be routed to the next rule. Or you can simply ignore the call if you have a rule set to handle the call if when you don’t answer it. offers several features including call screening, which announces the caller and lets you accept or reject the call; voice tag, which lets you identify the source of incoming calls—say, your Sales or Support departments; and incoming caller ID, which displays the caller’s phone number or a custom ID that can indicate, for example, that it is a business call on your personal phone.

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