Brand Assets

The Logo

Please follow these brand guidelines when using our business VoIP logo. You can download each asset individually, or get them all by downloading the zip from below.

Communicate Better Logo on light background. Use whenever possible.

Communicate Better Logo on dark background.

Logo Dos & Don'ts

The examples below represent various treatments one might consider for the logo, but none in any circumstance should ever be used. Colors

The primary color for is green. The remaining colors are used for backdrops, accents, and milder applications to provide contrast.


Additional Resources

Promotional material including social sized images available for use by registered agents and affiliates.

Facebook Shared Image (1200 x 630)

Google+ Shared Image (497 x 373)

Twitter In-Stream Image (440 x 220)

LinkedIn Banner Image (646 x 220)

Sell Sheet PDF Brochure

Social Icons

Icons used for social network links.

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