Communicating Better with Your Customers: The Four Agreements

  Customer service. Everyone has a customer-service story, whether good, bad or in between. This is certainly true for those of us who work in the industry—we not only need service as consumers, we provide it every day! This puts us in an interesting position, being on both sides of the customer-service... Read More

Three Features that You’re Not Using but Should

  Our Customer Service agents really know how to make the most of your service. They can tell you how to minimize costs when adding a new phone line, or the easiest way to transfer your existing number over to They also know the features that really make life easier. Last week, I... Read More

Customer Service Insights: Cardboard with Your Coffee?

  Recently I was dared by a friend to eat a piece of cardboard. Let's not get into the reasons why, but instead of being sensible and declining, I accepted the challenge. Only one problem: no cardboard in sight. So I did what any sane woman would do. At the... Read More

Do Those Old-Fashioned Phone Manners Still Make Sense?

Phone manners have changed some in the 150 years since Alexander Bell first spoke the words "Mr. Watson, come here! I want to see you!" into his leading-edge voice transmitter. Early telephone etiquette centered around social politeness, and also on the practicality that phone service was limited and should not be squandered! A few... Read More

Where Would You Locate Your Hi-Tech Startup?

If you're scouting a location for a tech company close to New York, you're probably considering the following: Can I find the talent I need here? Is this a developing startup community, and am I close to tech colleges and incubators? How much will I need to spend on office space, and how... Read More

More VoIP Features for Less

A recent article from Fit Small Business tags as one of the best—and definitely the most reasonable—alternatives to all of those spendier VoIP phone services. For many good reasons. A few pointers from the article: costs less per month than well-known VoIP providers like RingCentral—around 50 percent less! We're... Read More

Five Free Tools to Help Businesses Collaborate Beyond the Phone Call

You’ve started a promising business and you’re ready to make those great ideas happen. As any successful entrepreneur will tell you, it’s not enough to have a great plan, it’s all about how you execute. Time to get organized! In today's distributed workforce, collaborating face to face isn’t always an option.... Read More

Walking New York City with Context Travel and

Last week, staff from our east-coast office joined Context Travel on a walking tour of Midtown New York. Context offers in-depth walking tours in over 30 cities worldwide, pairing travelers with local specialists—archaeologists, historians, chefs, writers—who offer a deep knowledge of their surroundings. Our group chose a three-hour architectural... Read More

Customer Story: Reserving Personalized Phone Numbers for the Future

Vanity numbers are often used by businesses to make it easier for customers to remember a phone number. Think 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-858-FABRICS. Toll-free or local vanity numbers can also be used to spell out an individual's name, and a customer recently told us how she reserved six local vanity phone numbers for a... Read More

What’s in Your Startup Toolkit?

As you build a small company, you need tools you can rely on. Cheap might sound good but scrimping on software can end up costing you a lot more if performance is poor or features are just not there. In a recent article on The Next Web, CEO of Distil Networks Rami Essaid... Read More

Interested in a Little Brand Recognition? (1-800-NotVain)

The term vanity phone number is a bit strange, because vanity numbers have very little to do with vanity. A vanity number is a local or toll-free phone number made up letters or numbers that are either easy to remember or represent your business well. For example, 858-555-5000 or 1-800-FLOWERS. And... Read More

Know Your Emu: A Lesson in Customer Service

Growing up, my family lived in rural suburbia, an area with horse trails instead of sidewalks and the earthy smell of dairy cows in the air. We had a pet emu, called Emu. Emu lived in the back corner of our yard, beside the chicken coop, fenced in with a shoulder-height chain-link fence and... Read More

Wishing Our Family a Star-spangled Fourth of July

We wish our U.S. customers, partners and nation-wide team a very happy Fourth of July! We hope you enjoy the time spent celebrating with friends and family. "Freedom has its life in the hearts, the actions, the spirit of men and so it must be daily earned and refreshed—else like a flower... Read More

Growing Your Facebook Audience: Four Tips for Small Business

For small businesses, creating a Facebook page takes a matter of minutes. Growing your audience for that page, though, takes a lot of hard work! A few weeks ago, I attended Facebook's Boost Your Business event in San Diego, a seminar for small business owners to learn about maximizing their... Read More

GetVoIP and Joel Maloff: You Don’t Need an IT Person to Set Up Your VoIP

Our SVP of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships Joel Maloff may have a fancy title, but behind the scenes, we simply call him Mr. Awesome. You'll get the joke if you watch this ten-minute clip of his discussion with GetVoIP's Reuben Yonatan. For those who only have a couple minutes to spare, we've summarized... Read More

The Evolution of International Calling: Making It Work for You

The world of business becomes smaller every day—the Internet allows us to set-up video conferences with anyone on the other side of the world at a moment’s notice. Despite this, the phone call is still a key tool for businesses connecting with their customers, partners, suppliers and investors without concern for national borders. Just... Read More Adds Four Next-Gen Yealink T2 Series Desk IP Phones

Whether you're looking for a desk phone that's loaded with features or light on sticker price, you're in luck! We recently added four new Yealink models to our IP phone inventory. Ranging from $64.95 to $149.95, the phones offer great value and come pre-configured to work with service and features. Do you need... Read More