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Phone.Com Service Spotlight: Mobile Apps

Here at, we can do a lot of neat things with our virtual PBX system, since we’re not beholden to the traditional rules of telephony. One of the coolest tools we offer is our mobile app. All you have to do is download the app to your device and suddenly... Read More

Is Your Small Business Using LinkedIn The Right Way?

At we work with a lot of small business. Every so often we like to share some tips we get or have that may be helpful for our small business customers, or any small businesses for that matter. Here is one about Linkedin. A tool that has sets the standard for... Read More

Will We See You At Propeller?

“Idle ideas don’t fly. Let’s propel.” The team will be at this year’s hottest event West of the Hudson:  Propeller – will we see you there? Scheduled for May 20, 2016 in Hoboken, New Jersey, Propeller is an event that was created to “bring together the innovation community of the northeast IN the... Read More

Phone.Com Service Spotlight: Local Vanity Numbers

There are some phone numbers that are so unforgettable that you find yourself singing them to yourself in the shower as part of a popular jingle or reciting them as you dial your favorite pizza place. These vanity phone numbers are more than just numbers – they’re numbers that also... Read More

Meet Our Latest Smile Winners – May 2016

No matter what tools, technologies or services your organization uses, they need to be delivered efficiently, professionally and pleasantly. At, we pride ourselves on providing customer service with patience, with understanding and, always, with a smile. But don’t take our word for it – hear it from our customers themselves:... Read More

4 Ways to Improve Your Telephone CX and Slow Consumer Churn

If economic downturns and times of recession have taught American businesses anything, it’s that developing customer relationships is a much more profitable strategy than many might have believed in the past. Gone are the days when customers were disposable, today’s approach is all about maximizing loyalty and slowing churn in... Read More

Propeller Event May 20, 2016

A day of inspiration, education, and fun. We have talks from tech luminaries. Virtual Reality. Drones. A startup competition. Networking with high-fives. And lots more. Plus, a concert as a grand finale. What is an airplane without forward motion and lift? Just an idea. Idle ideas don’t fly. Let’s propel.... Read More

Pulver HWC Silicon Valley Summit May 18-19, 2016

How We Communicate is a new conference started by Internet pioneer Jeff Pulver to explore how technology is changing the way humans all around the globe meet, do business and interact. With leaders from every corner of the communications eco system and some of the most thoughtful thinkers in the field... Read More

Quick Guide: Using Your Free Conference Bridge

  Did you know that every extension on your account includes a FREE conference bridge, allowing your team to run conference calls with ease? Yes, free conference calling! There are some great benefits to this free feature, including: High definition voice quality Up to 500 participants Unlimited minute usage Here's how... Read More

Does Your Customer Service Embody Company Values?

When we train new members of our Customer Service team, we focus more than anything on just that: Customer Service. Our new agents are not expected to know every setting for all of our features—however, we do expect them to provide outstanding service to our customers, and understand that it is find to ask for help... Read More

City of Newark Moves to Cloud-based Phone Service

  Yesterday we announced a partnership with the City of Newark, the largest city in the State of New Jersey. Local government offices there are now using our cloud-based phone service in many departments and offices across town. City of Newark CIO Seth Wainer: “We formed a true partnership with that will indeed lead us... Read More

Quick Guide: Screening Your Business Calls

  The benefit of using your mobile phone for business calls is that you can carry your office in your pocket or purse. Read voicemail, run a conference call, send a fax. But the down side is that you might receive business calls when you're off the clock, visiting with friends... Read More

Aligning Your Talent and Business Model with Your Goals

    So you have a great idea for a small business, you have clear personal goals, and you have the talent to execute! You even have a pretty good idea what your business model will look like—the way your company will be run, product offerings, target customers, marketing strategies and... Read More

Take Your Office Wherever Your Smartphone Goes with Our New Android App

Download and get our FREE 30-day/100-minute trial. Turn your Android phone into a work extension >   Ever buy something that was just so new and shiny, so packed with great features, you couldn't wait to try it? We feel that way about our new Mobile Office app for Android. Fresh design, faster operation,... Read More

Quick Guide: Recording Your Phone Calls

  Lawyers, therapists, realtors, notaries, call centers, utilities, banks—there are many types of businesses that rely on call recording to keep a record of conversations for legal or monitoring purposes. offers free inbound call recording that you can activate manually on any call. You can also enable premium recording on your outgoing... Read More

Replace Your Fax Machine with Internet Fax

If you've been in business a while, you might have an old fax machine gathering dust in a corner of your office. And you probably have to figure out how to use it every time you need to fax a document. Remember checking the fax machine every minute or so, to... Read More

Cloud Telephony for the Growing Business

So you’ve gone from launching your business, to adding your first staff, and building a solid following. Your customers love what you do, so much so that demand is growing rapidly. The market is ready for you to duplicate your success in other locations. As your business grows, so does... Read More