Hang Up! And Other Terms from Technologies Past

  In the era of VoIP phone service, the idea of adding a phone line seems dated. You're no longer connecting a wired cable; you're adding a virtual software service. Technology changes quickly but terminology tends to lag before slowly fading away. Even though we've used touch-tone phones for decades, we still talk about... Read More

Should Small Businesses Ditch Voicemail?

How do you reach your customers and how do they reach you? We're not talking about the online storefront you just unveiled, or the color mailers going out to your target neighborhoods. We mean talking to your clients the good old fashioned way, on the phone. And when you don't reach... Read More

Need for Scalability and Mobility Drives VoIP Adoption in 2015

Do your office phones run on a legacy PBX system that is on its last legs? Are you considering switching to Voice over IP? Turns out, you're not alone. More than 50 percent of business owners looking to switch to VoIP are doing so because they're seeing end-of-life system issues with their old... Read More Adds New Four- and Five-Line Cisco IP Phones

  As we add more devices to our great line of phones and adapters, we're happy to announce the availability of two new feature-rich IP phones from Cisco. The Cisco SPA504G includes four-line capacity, with a backlit display and PC port. The Cisco SPA525G2 offers five lines, a color display and a variety of... Read More

This Memorial Day, We Appreciate You

Wishing our U.S. customers a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day! We take this opportunity to thank those in our extended family who have or are serving in the armed forces. We appreciate all you have done and continue to do. Read More

A Silent Customer Isn’t Always A Happy Customer

We frequently go through some of our larger customer accounts and call to check in and see how the service is working for them. On one occasion, I came across a large account. At first glance, I noted that they paid their bill each month and almost never called Customer Service.... Read More

New Support Center Now Live!

  Our customers are pretty savvy! They will often scan our website and device docs before calling us for help. We realized that adding a robust knowledge base, where customers could find setup tips, browse phone features or resolve common issues, was a no-brainer. It’s with that in mind that we are thrilled to... Read More

Say “Hello” to the New Website

You may have noticed that a few things have changed here at Most notably, this shiny new website! While our communications platform and delivering rock-solid phone service to our business customers remains our focus, we knew there was plenty we could do to improve the way we talk about’s pricing and product offering... Read More

Voice Over IP and Moore’s Law

Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of one of the most important predictions ever made in the technology space. In 1965, Gordon Moore, the legendary founder of Intel, was asked what would happen with integrated circuits, which are at the very heart of computing. Moore predicted that technology would double the computing power... Read More

Leaders in Customer Success

We always knew they were outstanding, but now the experts agree! Customer-success SaaS platform Mindtouch recently included Director of Customer Service Jeremy Watkin and Customer Service Manager Jenny Dempsey in a report that profiles their top 100 Customer Success Influencers. Jeremy and Jenny both joined in the early days, and they continue... Read More Offers Affordable, Next-Gen Panasonic SIP Phones

Need all the bells and whistles at just the right price? now sells two new Panasonic phones that deliver features, functions and value to meet the needs of just about any growing business. The Panasonic UTG200 and Panasonic UTG300 offer plug-and-play operation, feature-rich interfaces and unmatched HD performance. CEO Ari Rabban... Read More

The Power of Small-Business Clustering in New Jersey

Last Friday I attended a a great event, hosted by the NJ Institute of Technology and its partner organization NJ Innovation Institute. The focus was an energizing discussion on the creation of small-business clusters and support systems for early stage companies. Small businesses account for a large chunk of the U.S. economy.... Read More

Alon Cohen, EVP is Recognized for his contributions to the Voice over IP Industry

Jeff Pulver and Alon Cohen (on right) inducted into the VoIP Hall of Fame As some of you may know Alon Cohen,’s Executive Vice President and Chief Evangelist was also the co-founder of the first Voice over IP company called VocalTec. That company was involved in much of the... Read More

At, We Know Our Onions!

Last week, a group from volunteered at Feeding America San Diego. During our session, we gleaned 2,800 pounds of onions and apples, sorting the good ones from the bad and boxing them for distribution to San Diego area schools. Feeding America's School Pantry program gives low-income families the chance to "shop" for free... Read More

Super heavy hitters in the world of communications

On Wednesday, January 28th in Miami a panel of heavy hitters in the world of communications will come together at ITEXPO. The panel includes Alon Cohen ( CTO), along with Jeff Pulver, Andy Abramson, Craig Walker, Mike Tribolet, Andy Voss and Danny Windham. The last 20 years in the world... Read More

HD Quality Voice Calls

Last week in Las Vegas during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) we celebrated the dedication of the HD Voice Network. Thanks to the team at WorkInProgress for hosting us. Guest post by Daniel Berninger. Reach Dan at [caption id="attachment_19628" align="alignleft" width="428"] Dan Berninger with Edwin Grosvenor the Great Grandson of... Read More

ITEXPO 2015: 20 Years of VoIP

Wednesday January 28, 2015 – 10:00 – 10:45am On the panel: Alon Cohen, CTO More than two decades ago, the idea that voice could be transmitted over Internet Protocol networks was just starting to gain traction, largely because the ability to avoid long distance fees was highly appealing. In 1995,... Read More