Voicemail Transcription

Voicemail Transcription gives you the ability to read your voicemail rather than listening to them.

Voicemail transcription.

Get the information you need from every voicemail even while you are on another call.

Your voicemail message is transcribed by an automated system or a team of transcribers, then emailed or texted directly to you.

Forward voicemail transcription messages to friends, family, co-workers, partners, or employees.

  • Automated Transcription
    An automated software system transcribes your voicemail messages. Automated Transcription is included for Pro users. Add Automated Transcription to any extension for $1.50/mo.
  • Human Transcription
    Sometimes automated transcription isn't perfect. Accents can be difficult, so can fast speakers. That's why we offer voicemail transcriptions by real people. Our Human Assisted Transcription is far more accurate and can be added to any Phone.com user extension for 25 cents per transcription.
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