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There are many benefits to getting a toll-free number. First and foremost, it gives your company a polished, professional look. It doesn’t matter if you have 1000 employees, or it's just you.
The response rate to a toll-free number is drastically different than a local number and your business will greatly benefit. For small businesses looking for uniformity, a toll-free number means you no longer have to rely on your personal number or a local number.

Here are some more benefits!


Since your number is toll-free, clients and customers across the country are able to have a zero-cost experience from every zip code. This opens up your business borders and ensures customers coast to coast are able to access your goods or services.


If you want to give your company instant credibility, an 800 number adds just that. Small companies can now enjoy the same toll-free benefits as larger businesses without having to sacrifice a big chunk of their budget.


With an easy to remember or notable number, the toll-free option gives your clients and potential customers something easy to remember when deciding between you or a competitor.

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