Business Phone Service for
Real Estate Agents and Agencies

Seamless communication with maximum mobility.

Successful real estate agents, brokers, and property managers are always on the go. It’s essential to be connected and available and never miss a call from a potential client or tenant. A flexible phone service that’s available on any device can help you close more deals.

With, realtors can keep commitments to clients, work seamlessly with a team, and collaborate with other professionals for a fraction of the cost of traditional phone systems.

Phone systems for realtors

Voice. Video. Text. Colaboration. comes with more than 50 advanced features to help real estate agents and agencies streamline communications and provide outstanding service to clients. 

How Can Phone.Com Help?

Never Miss a Call with Call Handling Rules

Location is everything in real estate, but your location shouldn’t matter. With’s call routing features, you direct incoming calls based on the time of day or day of the week. Answer on your desk phone, mobile device, or PC.


Read Your Voicemail

If a call does go to voicemail, you’ll get an email or text notification so you can react quickly. With our voicemail transcription service, you can even read your voicemail and forward it to others.


Work From Anywhere mobile apps bring all your cloud communication features together with the added benefit of making calls over your carrier network or using data coverage or Wi-Fi. Apps are available for iOS and Android.


Separate the Personal from the Professional

Choose one of our local, toll-free, or custom phone numbers and stop giving clients your personal mobile number. Manage your real estate business and personal life on one device, but with separate identities.

Phone systems for real estate agents
Phones for real estate

Why do Realtors turn to

Real estate agencies come in all sizes and specialties, but having flexible business communications at your fingertips is essential for any realtor and all supporting staff. That’s why real estate agents, brokers, agencies, and property managers rely on

Whether you’re an agency with a team of 20 or is just you, you meet with clients, show properties, collaborate with mortgage brokers, and have conference calls that require both mobility and reliability.

Real estate agents are always on the move, bouncing between showings and meetings. Real estate agents and staff should have the flexibility to make calls on their business lines both inside and outside of the office.

Realtors must manage all communications while presenting a polished and professional image. The real estate field is competitive with high stakes, and clients have many options. Having communications features that keep you available and connected makes clients feel valued and creates the impression of competence.

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