Virtual Office Features: VoIP Phone Service and More

Virtual Office is the premier choice for VoIP (Voice Over IP) phone service at an affordable cost to the consumer. Since VoIP phone services uses broadband and not regular phone lines, phone service is both easier and more cost effective than traditional landline services. Virtual Office is an affordable business phone service that doesn’t make you sacrifice the features that your company relies on.
Virtual Office features one phone number to reach all locations and staff. This gives callers a seamless experience when calling into the office whether you have employees working remotely, employees that are constantly on the road, or multiple locations across the United States. One number will direct callers to all of the various departments or extensions that they may need without requiring them to remember multiple phone numbers. Advanced call forwarding settings allow you to transfer calls to any phone worldwide based on Caller ID or preset schedules.

Virtual Office even gives you the option to obtain 1-800 toll free numbers, vanity numbers and Global Numbers which can help your customers reach you easily and without any extra cost to them. Virtual Office voicemail boxes are never full and the text voicemail features allow you to read transcribed voicemail messages or receive alerts via text message. With Virtual Office by, you will never miss a message again.

With unlimited extensions you can grow your business and add dedicated extensions for all employees. Business phones can be added to any extension without any equipment to purchase or maintain. Each extension is given their own dedicated voicemail box with personal call forwarding settings. Calls are routed through an automated service that also has an option for Dial-by-Name Directory. These features project an image of professionalism to clients and prospective clients alike without having the financial burden of hiring a dedicated receptionist.

Call recording is a free feature that allows you to record your calls at anytime for quality assurance. Calls can be played back in the Call Logs section of your account. Virtual Office support all click to call buttons, widgets that allow your website visitors to place a call without having to dial your number.

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Virtual Office has a variety of affordable business phone solutions that will bring your company the reliability that you depend on for your business phone service. They offer free Customer Support 24 hours a day 7 days a week and comprehensive online resources that guide you through the features. Obtaining Virtual Office is easy, just sign up on and you can be using your new phone service today!