University – How to Access the Mobile Website

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If you have a non-iOS or Android smartphone, or you need an alternative to one of our available apps, the mobile website is a great way to go.

On our mobile site you have access to similar features that we provide in our apps, including:

  • Checking your inbox for voicemail, SMS and faxes
  • Access to your address book and call logs
  • Placing a call using your number as the caller ID
  • Sending an SMS text message
  • Access to your conference bridge number

How to Access the Mobile Website

On your smartphone, open a web browser and go to You will find yourself on the login page as shown below.

photo 1

The login screen asks for your number, extension number and voicemail password. If you don’t know this information, here is a quick run-down on how to find it in your account on a computer:

  • To find your number, go to Configure and select Manage Numbers. Choose any of the numbers listed on the Manage Numbers page.
  • To find your extension number, go to Configure and select Manage Users & Extensions. Decide which extension to use from this page.
  • To find your voicemail password, select the Edit box next to the extension you have chosen in the step above. On the Extension Settings page, scroll down to the Voicemail section and make note of the set of numbers in the Password field.

After entering the above information, tap Login to proceed. On the main login screen, tap Menu to access all of the features of the mobile website.

photo 2

That’s all it takes to access the mobile website! See you next Monday for more knowledge.