It’s Time To Consider Inflight Wi-Fi

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inflight_wifiAnyone who’s flown in the last decade knows that as soon as the plane touches down, people switch on their phones, and the buzzing, beeping and vibrating begins. I fly for business throughout the year and, until recently, would land and be bombarded with email and text messages.

I tend to only fly American Airlines and in the last year or two onboard Wi-Fi has become available. I didn’t think I needed it. I figured it would be nice to relax, catch up on reading and writing, but I was wrong. Yesterday, I wrote a blog post at 38,000 feet and emailed it off to be edited and published. I stayed productive, which kept me from feeling stressed when I landed. My phone didn’t even beep when I turned it on after landing!

Just like mobile hotspots, inflight Wi-Fi is a tool that is changing where people do business.  I’ve decided that if you can afford it or your company will allow you to expense it, it’s a great tool.

What about you and your employees? Can you justify inflight Wi-Fi? What would your return on the cost be? Talk to your employees and see what they think—they may consider their flight time a near-sacred disconnection, a benefit of travel.

What do you think about onboard Wi-Fi. Is it for you? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter, or in the comments below.


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