Our Business Phone Service Can Give Every Employee Their Own User Extension

Create and manage an unlimited number of group or individual extensions.

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Pay-per-minute users are FREE! Unlimited minute users start at $23.99.

Pay-per-minute or unlimited minute User Extensions. You decide.

Phone.com allows you to create and manage as many user extensions as you need, at no additional charge and pay only for the minutes used. User extensions can also be upgraded to Unlimited Minutes for an additional fee. This allows you to grow your phone system at no additional cost and only start paying when calls are made.

Customized settings for every user.

Settings for each extension allow you to route calls to multiple destinations including cell phones, home phones and work phones or other features such as Menus, Queues or Recordings. Each extension has an Address Book, Voicemail, Greetings as well as individualized delivery of messages to phone, email or a text message notification.

*Unlimited minute extensions are subject to fair use restrictions. For more information refer to the terms of service section 1.5.

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