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with a Toll-Free Number

Search thousands of toll free numbers and pick the one that works for your business.

How can toll free numbers or 800 numbers boost my business?

Since a toll free number is a number that is free to call, your clients and customers receive an added service and calling your company becomes a zero-cost experience from any area code. 800 numbers also give your business instant credibility since a toll free number is something most larger companies have. Not to mention it doesn’t cost a penny more to add one to your plan. Sounds like a no-brainer to us! Search for your number today and select from thousands of numbers.

How do I choose a toll free number?

This is one of the most fun and creative things you will experience at Phone.com. All you need to do in order to add a toll free number is follow these simple steps.

  1. Visit the Vanity Toll Free Number page here.
  2. Click on the button that reads “Find Your Number”.
  3. Once you’re there you can choose from many combinations to see which numbers are available for purchase.
  4. You can choose either local numbers based on state and area code or a variety of toll free numbers. And you can even customize your local or toll free numbers to form words that you feel will represent your business best!
  5. Once you’ve created your perfect number, just click “Add To Cart” and make it official!

Do toll free numbers add additional fees to my service?

Toll free numbers do not cost extra. Customers can reach out to you on your Toll free number and you are billed based on your original plan pricing. Note that there are additional charges for toll free calls when those calls originate from Canada or from pay phones.

How do I add my existing toll free numbers to my Phone.com account?

If you have a toll free number that your customers already know, we’re sure you’ll want to keep it. Bring your number to Phone.com!

Transferring your existing toll-free number is simple. Just submit a transfer request and provide proof that the number is yours. We’ll take care of the rest! Before you transfer though it’s very important that you don’t cancel service with your current provider until your number transfer is complete.

What's the difference between 800 phone numbers and vanity numbers?

Phone.com offers a variety of toll-free and vanity numbers types to enhance your plan.

An 800 phone numbers is a toll free number that offers free calling for the caller. The cost of the call is charged instead to the toll-free numbers’ owner.

Vanity numbers are great because they’re easy to remember and they spell out something that means something that is meaningful to your business, for example, 800-CARS or 888-SNOW.

We offer two types of vanity numbers:

  • Vanity Local: These numbers use local area codes and the caller pays for the call if it is long distance.
  • Vanity Toll-free: These numbers use toll-free prefixes like 800 or 888, and calls to the number are free for the caller.
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