Route Incoming Calls to Phone Queues with Our Commercial Phone Systems

Put callers “on hold” until they can connect to the next available representative.

Not a Customer?

Already a Customer?

Included with all plans starting at $9.99/Mo.

Never give your customers a busy-tone again!

Call Queues allow you to route incoming calls to a specific group of phone numbers, or members. Queue members are rung in order from first to last, and if a member is already on a call, the next number on the list is rung. While callers are waiting to be connected, will play your selected Hold Music.

Queues are perfect for customer support, sales departments, help desks, reservations and appointments, and so much more.

Customize Hold Message

Create a custom hold message for callers to listen to while waiting for a queue member to answer.

Run your own mini-call center, even if employees aren't in the same office.

Queue members don't need to be in the same office. Perfect for tele-commuters, queues forward calls to their location and on whatever device they prefer (IP phone, tablet, computer, smartphone, etc).

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