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Phone.com offers one low per-minute rate within the U.S., as well as unlimited minute calling plans for those employees who call a lot. We also offer toll-free (800, 877, 888) numbers so your customers can call you at no cost.

You also pay U.S. local rates to landline numbers in Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, the U.S. and iNUM global numbers.

Frequently asked questions

What are your call rates within the United States?

You will be changed, based on the plan you select with Phone.com. If you plan on using more than 100 minutes per month, you may want to upgrade one of your extensions to an unlimited user and have calls routed through those unlimited extensions.

How can I make it free for international customers to call me in the United States?

If you have customers outside of the United States, you can add a global number to your account, and have calls coming in to that number routed to your U.S. local phone number.

Thanks to Phone.com I'm able to run my psychotherapy practice by routing calls through to my cell phone.

Aimee Sullivan

Rocky Mountain Behavioral Therapies

Phone.com was cheaper and offered more features than my other phone company.

Jennifer Herritz

SVA Certified Public Accountants

The entire thing was ridiculously easy. I have been able to manage the whole system with very little effort.

Scott Kasun

ForeFront Web